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Hit Counter and Theme Touchups

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I’m feeling quite motivated with the change in season and I’ve been using the energy to spruce up things a bit around my sites. I added a hit counter that uses the Neocities API (thanks to Dannarchy for a great turorial) and a new icon set for the top navigation. I’m also working on some new content to post very soon.

New Section for Art

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New section day! I added the Art page to showcase digital art like animated gifs and photo manipulations. The first post there is of our cat Mr. Meowgi posing with a rose. He is very photogenic, so expect more content showcasing his beauty. Also, happy spooky month!

More Theme Changes

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I added some more to my theme (including an improved layout for my updates). This post is mostly to test that new layout :p

Hello World Wide Web

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I just joined Neocities :) I’m so excited to have a place on the web to call my own >:) Hopefully this site will be a good home for stuff I make and enjoy. I have already posted some pictures but they are dated before this post because I used them to work on my theme.